About Us


Who are we?

Experience freshly made quality food from home delivered to your doorstep with Maneoota.

At Maneoota we are all about quality. For that reason, we offer a variety of vegetarian and non- anything that can tickle your fancy (wink emoticon)

"Maneoota" in Kannada directly translates to "Home Food". Many women make the finest of dishes (local and exotic) with the freshest ingredients making every bite flavorful. We aim at bridging the gap between these culinary talented women with our customers having the most sophisticated palates. The food that is delivered to you, has been made with love in every bite, from the convenience of the homes. The women chefs who prepare this, cook with the same ingredients, same love and same hygiene as they would cook for any other family member. They food that is cooked to you is what is being served at their homes too. They wouldn't use any ingredients (such as GMO's), that they wouldn't use for their own household. We assure you, that you would savor every bit from your first mouthful to the last!!


Our mission is to provide great quality food from the convenience of the chefs' homes to the convenience of your homes, all in a very smooth manner. Never content to rest on our laurels, we strive to continuously improve and innovate our products and services, just like our consumers whose consumption needs, keep evolving from time to time


Our success depends on the success of the women, we enable by presenting them with this platform. That is why our no 1 goal is to provide our consumers with unmatched service. The food is hygienically made, packed and reaches your doorstep on time.

Our chefs source produce of great quality, they would even tap on watermelons to see which one is ripe, they would carefully inspect potatoes to see if it is worm-free and also buy only the ripe but not soggy tomatoes to add the flavor to their dishes. Our dishes are prepared by mothers, sisters, daughters and grandmothers, who could be one in your own family. The taste and the quality of the food will very much remind you of the food that is cooked by your mothers, wives, sisters and you grandmothers. It could be as simple as, the pickles that taste like your grandmothers' homemade mango pickles, the masala dosa that taste like your mothers' overnight soaked crispy dosa with the flavorful potato bhaji and the Hakka noodles that taste like your wife's specially made noodles with some Manchurian as starters . The food is delectable that will leave you wanting for more.

Meats range from Chicken, Seafood (Fish, Prawns, Crabs) and Mutton. We offer vegan, vegetarian substitutes too with soft Paneer (homemade cottage cheese), Tofu and Soya. Our food is also tailor-made to any specifications such as Jain-food, sattvic food (without Onion or Garlic), eggetarian food and any other specification that you may have